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Yulu Miracle

Published: Oct 07, 2020
Item ID: yulu
Yulu Miracle

This item is brought to you by: "Yulu Bikes" (Individual/Business/Other)


Pioneering the micro-mobility market, the Yulu Miracle is the perfect electric bike for you. A steady friend in all your explorations, its elevated design and comprehensive functionality make it a coveted mode of transportation. It's you-friendly, and earth-friendly. Choose the Yulu Miracle to bring home the Mirac-lution today.


Li-Ion (swappable, 5 Kg weight)
Range per charge65 – 70 km with Max speed of 25kmph
Overall Weight43 Kg
Legal StatusTreated as a bicycle, doesn't require a helmet, license, registration plate

Refundable Security Deposit:

₹ 199

Views: 12927 | Orders: 1

₹ 2,070/month



1 month (31 Days) × ₹ 2070 = ₹ 2070
Refundable Deposit = ₹ 199
Delivery & Pickup = ₹ 99
Total = ₹ 2368
Booking policy:
  • This Yulu Booking Policy supersedes the general Terms of Use available on Borofy.com
  • Yulu will be responsible for all deliveries and pickups.
  • Yulu is also exclusively responsible for all servicing, repairs and maintenance.
  • In case any faulty equipment is delivered, Yulu will be responsible for replacing the faulty item.
  • Any requests for extension of the rental period will have to be made through Borofy’s platform.
  • Yulu will provide 15 free battery swaps per month for each rented bike. The same has to be requested through Yulu’s website or mobile application.
  • There will be no distance restriction on the bikes; they can be driven for unlimited kilometres.
  • By clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, you understand that Borofy will not be responsible for any delay in delivery or pickup, for provision of faulty equipment, or for any other liability arising out of these bike rentals.
  • You agree with Yulu's User Agreement
  • Click here to read Yulu's Long-Term-Rental LTR FAQs
  • Have doubts? Please contact us: 7892350091 (WhatsApp / Call), 9108831044 (WhatsApp / Call)
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