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Aerofit Treadmill AF-501

Published: Jul 04, 2020
Item ID: e1ba8c
Aerofit Treadmill AF-501

This item is brought to you by: "Shatadip Majumder" (Individual/Business/Other)


It is a really beautiful treadmill from Aerofit for home use:

Why you should use a treadmill?

  • Weight Loss: Losing calories regularly by running on the treadmill with a good diet plan will not only help you lose weight fast but also will keep you fit and energetic throughout the day plus you will have good digestion and good sleep
  • Cardio: Running on a treadmill increases blood circulation in your body and controls your blood pressure by strengthening your heart health
  • Covid-19: Now that the gyms are closed, and gathering is not recommended, a treadmill will enable you to exercise at the comfort and privacy of your home, moreover, you will get this treadmill thoroughly sanitized
  • Focused Running: We run faster and longer on a treadmill than running outside, the reason being the belt of the treadmill assists the movements of legs. Running on the ground is actually harder because unlike treadmills, it does not slip behind while you run and you need to propel yourself

Please note the specs:

  • Motor (DC): 2.0 HP continuous / 4.0 HP peak
  • Speed : 0.8 to 14 Km/h
  • Elevation : 3 Levels, Manual
  • Speaker: In-built speaker for MP3, iPod, mobile connections
  • Accessory Holder: Water bottle
  • Frame: Welded heavy-gauge steel + proprietary finish to make sure minimum corrosion and chip resistance
  • Foldable: Smart folding system
  • Max User Weight: 100 KG

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