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About Us

Read on to find out what we do, what we are building, and how to be a part of our platform!

Borofy is a platform on which you can find a friendly neighbourhood of lenders and borrowers, each person eager to share and collaborate, doing their part in a sharing economy.

We’re solving the unique problem that all of us face – we need to buy numerous things for momentary usages say a travel bag or a power drill, and we want as many experiences as possible, but we’re all trying to save money so that we don’t sink a ton of money into a new guitar only to find out it’s a hobby you don’t enjoy.

If you’re a parent with particularly adventurous but easily distracted kids, you know the pain – the expensive DSLR that you thought would be worn out by your teenager will, eventually, be left gathering dust in your cabinet.

That’s where we come in! Where you have momentary usage for momentary needs, we enable it through our seamless borrowing and lending platform.

The term is re-commerce. Like e-commerce, but better, and for re-purpose! And more environmental friendly!

Businesses and individuals can lend and borrow different items in four different, vast, diverse, unique and important categories — Electronics, AV & Hardware, Medical & Healthcare, Books, Sports & Music, and Hoverboards & Segways.

You can borrow cameras, PS4s, laptops, JBL speakers, violins, guitars, hardware tools, books, drones, wheelchairs and many more – for a day, for a few days, or for weeks – for a staggeringly low starting price, at ₹15/day!

For Borrowing

A borrower can go through our listings, select the dates of requirement, make a payment of both the security deposit and borrowing fees, and voila. Their item will be delivered at their doorstep by our team.

Once they’re done using the item, it is picked up to be turned by our team who will conduct a thorough checkup.

For Lending

Businesses and individuals can list their items on the platform. Once they receive an order, they must keep the item listed ready for pickup by our team, who will thoroughly check its conditions. Once payment has been received, excluding their deposit, the item will be returned to the lender after the rental period expires.

How we account for Human Error

All users of our website, would need to submit proof of their identity to borrow any item, which will be verified by our team.
A security deposit must also be made against every item listed on Borofy as a form of guarantee against damage or loss of product.
Whenever an item is substantially damaged or lost, the cost of repair or replacement must be paid by the borrower as per the contract.
In case the borrower does not return the item, a police complaint will be lodged with the police, which we hope is sufficient warning!
At that point, as the lender, our priority is you – Borofy will replace the item, and we’ll be happy to swallow the cost of replacement up to 50%, in case we are unable to recover it from the borrower.

Our Mission

We strive to help you take up as many hobbies as you want and to indulge in new experiences without needing to make a sizeable investment. We offer unbelievably low prices (as low as Rs. 15 a day!), help reusing, as well as help monetize the things you already own!

And we do this through a navigable and comprehensive platform on the internet, where most good things reside.

Our Vision & Objectives

We’re dreamers, and we not just want to create India’s most popular rental platform, but we also want to change the way people consume by reducing their costs and by reducing their carbon footprint.

We want to change the fact that people frequently buy items, even if they know that they’ll only be using it occasionally – whether for the School Day or because you’ve caught the creative bug. And we want to change mindsets to encourage people to borrow based on their needs.

We do dream big, but we follow up with passion, determination and diligent work.

We intend on curating an amazing lineup of products & categories to choose from, and by August 2020 we intend on having 500 happy lenders and 1,500 satisfied borrowers - we are excited to see you become one of them!

What are you waiting for? Sign Up now get started with us!

If you’d like more information, you can read our FAQs page, where we explain the Borrowing, Lending, Booking & Registration processes in detail, or you can get in touch with us via the contact us page.